Les 10 maisons les plus étranges qui existent

Une église transformée en maison, Hollande

unusual-homes-1-1 unusual-homes-1-2 unusual-homes-1-3 unusual-homes-1-4

Maison Skateboard, États-Unis

unusual-homes-2-1 unusual-homes-2-2 unusual-homes-2-3

Maison Flintstones

unusual-homes-3-1 unusual-homes-3-2 unusual-homes-3-3 unusual-homes-3-4

Maison transparente, Japon

unusual-homes-4-1 unusual-homes-4-2 unusual-homes-4-3 unusual-homes-4-4

Silo d’eau transformé en maison

unusual-homes-5-1 unusual-homes-5-2 unusual-homes-5-3 unusual-homes-5-4

La plus petite maison du monde, Allemagne

unusual-homes-6-1 unusual-homes-6-3 unusual-homes-6-5

Une maison avec une glissoire! Japon

unusual-homes-7-1 unusual-homes-7-2 unusual-homes-7-3 unusual-homes-7-4

La maison coquillage, Mexique

unusual-homes-8-1 unusual-homes-8-2 unusual-homes-8-3

La maison de roche, Portugal

unusual-homes-9-1 unusual-homes-9-2

La maison la plus étroite du monde, Pologne

unusual-homes-10-1 unusual-homes-10-2 unusual-homes-10-3 unusual-homes-10-5 unusual-homes-10-7 unusual-homes-10-9 unusual-homes-10-10

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